Is Silicone Safe?

Plastic surgery has been evolved as a new way to enhance your look by shaping your body or minimizing the facial wrinkles through various techniques. Breast augmentation surgeries are some of the popular plastic surgery techniques of today. The new silicone gel implants are highly used for the breast augmentation surgery. However, there are many people who question about the risks associated with such surgeries. If you’re worried about whether the silicone is safe or not, then you will be pleased to know that silicone implants are FDA approved and are undoubtedly safe.

Based on a Swedish study, conducted during the 1990s at the Karolinska Institute, the silicone implants have no connection with the breast cancer. As the usage of silicone in breast implants was banned for a period, people started questioning the risks associated with such surgeries. People assume that in case of any leakage and ruptures of the silicone shell, there are chances of severe bodily reactions and problems. The results of the above mentioned study proved this as wrong.

Even the FDA had performed experiments on the silicone implants for 14 years before authorizing the technique. Though there was no medical evidence of illness due to leaking silicone-based implants, during 1980s, the FDA restricted the usage of silicone implants in the breast enhancement surgeries. Again in 1993, the FDA revised this ban and allowed the silicon breast system to be used in medical studies. Finally after many successive experiments and studies, in 2006, these implants were deemed safe and got a green signal from FDA. Till today, there is no medical evidence for the effects of silicone implants in causing some auto-immune diseases and cancer.

From November 2006, there is a new variety of breast implants known as the MemoryGel or Cohesive Gel which cannot leak even if the silicone implant shell is punctured. Due to its extremely thick consistency, these implants actually stick to itself. Today, the new variety of silicone breast implants is safer than before and has the approval of the FDA. Because of the speculation about the risk factors, many women used to avoid the silicone breast implants in the past. However, with the new cutting-edge technology in surgeries and the silicone gels, these implants provide a high level of security from any sort of risks.

In general, the silicone implants are completely safe and they have no side effects. They give a natural feel no matter what is the filling content in the implant. Again, the silicone systems are less likely to undergo hardening or capsular muscular contraction and feel more natural than other implant systems. The latest memory gel silicone devices involved in silicone implant surgeries use the cohesive gels in the filling. As the cohesive material formulation acts as a rigid unit rather than that of the liquid filling, these implants offer a better shape with minimal chance of forming a lump or rupture. However, doctors give a detailed overview about the possible risks associated with such surgeries to each patient before the surgery.



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