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Breast Implants Information

Breast Implants & Augmentation MiamiWomen get breast implants for many reasons. Some are unhappy with their natural size and would like to have larger breasts. Others have had their breasts removed due to cancer surgery. It may be that women have asymmetrical breasts and want to get the problem fixed. Women who want breast implants should consult with Dr. Leonard Roudner at our beautiful Miami surgical center.

Dr. Roudner of Miami, Florida is a board certified plastic surgeon. If you are considering getting breast implants, he will provide valuable information that will help you make an informed decision.

Breast implants are made of silicone and saline. Dr. Roudner will tell you about these products so you can decide which one is best for you.

If you plan to get this surgery in Miami from Dr. Roudner, learn about the sizes that are available. When Dr. Roudner uses silicone, it may be possible to increase or decrease the size of implants after surgery. Saline breast implants would have to be changed because their size cannot be altered after they are placed in the body.


Popular procedures:

* Breast Augmentation

* Mommy Makeover

* Gummy Bear Breast Implants


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Breast Implants Placement

Placement of the breast implants is important. Before Dr. Roudner performs the procedure, he will explain your options of placing them in front of the chest muscle, just inside the muscle or completely behind it.

The placement of implants affects how natural they look and the amount of sagging that occurs as you age. Dr. Roudner of Miami will advise you on the issue so you can decide how you want the implants placed.

Before you get implants in Miami, you should know that future surgeries may be necessary. Dr. Roudner will inform you that implants change over time, and you will need to get them replaced.

Getting breast implants is a common cosmetic procedure, and most women report satisfaction with their results. However, there are some concerns with the surgery.

There can be some rippling or wrinkling when you get breast implants. It may be difficult or impossible to breastfeed if you get them. You should discuss these issues and any other potential risks with Dr. Roudner in Miami before having the surgery.



Popular procedures include: