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Dr. Lenny, as he is known to his patients, has been featured in multiple publications both locally and abroad. He has been heavily sought after for his skill and experience within the plastic surgery field along with the reputation of being one of the best breast augmentation surgeons in the world.


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Breast Lift Surgery for Fort Lauderdale residents

Breast Lift Surgery by Dr. Lenny, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Breast Lift Surgery Fort Lauderdale FloridaDr. Leonard Roudner, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, provides Fort Lauderdale woman with breast lift surgery for those who are interested in improving the overall appearance and symmetry of their breasts. There are many reasons and causes to why a woman would be in need of breast lift surgery, some of those include:

  • Breast-Feeding
  • Pregnancy
  • Weight Gain
  • Weight Loss
  • Gravity
  • Aging
  • Genetics

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When to Consider Breast Lift Surgery

You may want to consider a lift if your:

  • Nipples drop below the crease in your chest when not supported.
  • Areolas are enlarged.
  • Skin has lost its elasticity.
  • Areolas and nipples point downward.

And if your breasts:

  • Appear flat, elongated or pendulous, but are of an acceptable size.
  • Do not hang evenly.
  • Are lacking firmness or substance.

What to Expect at Your Personal Consultation Near Fort Lauderdale

During your consultation, Dr. Roudner will ask you about the shape you want to achieve with your breast lift. He will also discuss what will happen in your surgery. At this time, be sure to mention anything else you would like him to address.

Your Breast Lift Surgery Evaluation with Dr. Roudner Near Fort Lauderdale

Breast Lift Surgery Fort Lauderdale FloridaDr.Roudner will examine your breasts. He will probably take measurements and even photographs to put in your medical record. You need to be prepared to give Dr. Roudner your full medical history. This includes information related to:

  • Current and Previous Medical Treatments
  • Medical Conditions
  • Current Medications
  • Allergies
  • Previous Surgeries

You need to provide Dr. Roudner with a full medical history. You also need to inform him if you intend to lose a considerable amount of weight.

Breast Lift Surgery

Over time, a woman’s breast changes, it can lose its firmness and youthful shape. A breast lift near Fort Lauderdale firms and raises your breasts. During this surgery, Dr. Leonard Roudner removes your excess skin and then tightens the surrounding tissue. He does this to reshape and add support for your new, more youthful contour.

Sometimes a woman finds that age and/or gravity affects her areola as well. The areola may enlarge due to the stretching of the skin. A Fort Lauderdale breast lift, also referred to as simply a lift, can address this issue as well. A lift rejuvenates your figure by giving you a more youthful profile.

What a Breast Lift Near Fort Lauderdale Does Not Do

This kind of surgery is not used to significantly change size. To decrease their size you will need a breast lift with a reduction; to increase their size, you should consider a lift with an augmentation.

Many women decide to have this procedure prior to having children. Because Dr. Roudner leaves the milk ducts and nipples intact, a breast lift surgery generally will not affect your breast-feeding ability.

Preparing for Your Breast Lift Surgery Near Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Roudner and his staff strive to make your procedure as simple and comfortable for you as possible. You may also need to have some medical tests done before your procedure near Fort Lauderdale.

These tests may include:

  • A mammogram before surgery and again several months after surgery.
  • Bloodwork and urine tests.

You may also need to:

  • Discontinue taking medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin before you have your surgery.
  • Stop smoking some time before your surgery.

Dr. Roudner and his staff may give you additional instructions to follow before your surgery.

If Dr. Roudner performs your lift as an outpatient surgery, you need to bring a driver with you. Dr. Roudner recommends that you have someone stay with you the first night after your surgery.

What to Expect the Day of Your Breast Lift Surgery Near Fort Lauderdale

You will be given medication to keep you comfortable during your breast lift procedure near Fort Lauderdale. Usually, Dr. Roudner gives his patients general anesthetic so they will sleep throughout their surgery. Alternatively, he may choose to use local anesthesia with intravenous sedation.

Once your lift is done, you will be moved to the recovery area. Dr. Roudner may decide to place small drain tubes in your breasts. These tubes help prevent fluid accumulation.

Gauze will be placed over your chest and then covered with a surgical bra or elastic bandage.

Unless Dr. Roudner decides to keep you overnight, you will be able to go home a few hours after your breast lift procedure near FortLauderdale.

The Breast Lift Procedure Near FortLauderdale

Personal preferences and individual factors determine the specific technique Dr. Roudner will use during your procedure.

Three incisions are made to perform your mastopexy. One incision follows the curve beneath your breast, another is made around your areola and the third runs vertically from the base of the areola to the crease. Excess skin is removed and your areola and nipple are moved up. If your areola has been stretched, it can be reduced during your breast lift surgery near Fort Lauderdale as well. The skin that was previously located above your areola is brought together. Because your areolas and nipples remain attached, your nipple sensation should remain intact. You will probably still be able to breast-feed.

What to Expect During Your Recovery From a Breast Lift Procedure Near Fort Lauderdale

The day after your surgery, you are encouraged to move around for short periods. After a few days, you will be able to move around more comfortably. You must avoid bending, lifting and straining. These activities could cause you to have swelling or bleed. It is wise to sleep on your back during this time because it prevents you from putting pressure on your chest.

Dr. Roudner will remove your surgical drains several days after your surgery. Your dressing could be changed or even removed at this time. You may need to use a support bra for a short time, until the discoloration and swelling lessens. Usually, your stitches are removed in stages over approximate three weeks. Your first set of stitches will be removed about a week after your breast lift procedure near Fort Lauderdale.

Initially, you may have less sensation in your area and nipple areas. This is generally temporary. However, it could take some time for normal sensation to return. Directly following your surgery, your incisions will appear pink or red in color. They will eventually fade.

The Results of Your Breast Lift Near Fort Lauderdale

Breast Lift Surgery Fort Lauderdale FloridaFollowing your surgery, your breasts will feel firmer and appear more uplifted. The position of your nipples and size of areolas will be pleasing.

While the incisions made during your breast lift procedure near Fort Lauderdale will fade over time, they will always be somewhat visible. However, these incisions are placed in locations that can be concealed by your clothing.

Unless you become pregnant or lose, or gain a considerable amount of weight, your enhanced shape should be fairly constant. In time, the gravity and effects of aging may eventually alter the shape and size of nearly every woman’s breasts. If this happens to you after your first procedure, you can opt to undergo another breast lift near Fort Lauderdale.

Returning to Normal Activities Following Your Breast Lift Near Fort Lauderdale

Depending on your profession, you should be able to return to your occupation within about a week. Many times, you can begin resuming the majority of your normal activities several weeks after your breast lift procedure near Fort Lauderdale. Even after several weeks, you may experience some periodic discomfort. It should be mild; if you are experiencing severe pain after several weeks, you need to contact Dr. Roudner.

Sexual activity needs to be avoided for at least a couple weeks. Dr. Roudner will advise you if he feels you should wait longer than that.

If you are in or near Fort Lauderdale and are considering a breast lift, contact Dr. Roudner today. He and his staff have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to give you the youthful appearance you desire.



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Dr. Lenny, as he is known to his patients, has been featured in multiple publications both locally and abroad. He has been heavily sought after for his skill and experience within the plastic surgery field along with the reputation of being one of the best breast augmentation surgeons in the world. The proof Is in the pudding, the client list ranging from celebrities, centerfolds, fashion models to public figures showcases Dr. Lenny’s expertise in the plastic surgery field. Dr. Lenny Roudner is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who is also currently on staff at the Baptist Hospital and South Miami Hospital. He also holds many other certifications in both Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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