With the popularity of the breast lift procedure on the rise, many potential patients naturally have many concerns. Of the most common questions patients ask their doctors when discussing any surgical procedure, and specifically a breast lift procedure, is “how long is the recovery process?” In order to accurately estimate the recovery process for each patient, a better understanding of the breast lift procedure is necessary.

In conjunction with the patient, the physician makes a joint decision about the type of incision he or she will make, and what type of suture methods to use post-operation. A typical breast lift procedure takes between an hour to two and a half hours to complete and is usually minimally invasive.  Of course, the recovery time will vary from patient to patient, but it is typically a few weeks to a few months. The patient will come back to the physician’s office at least once post-surgery so that the physician can check the patient’s progress and address any problems or concerns that the patient may have. It is also important to note that the amount of recovery time is also contingent upon the physician’s experience.

Dr. Roudner, based in the Miami area, has over twenty years of experience and in that time, has performed over 15,000 breast lift procedures. A member of over five different professional physician organizations, Dr. Roudner maintains his credibility as a leading plastic surgeon in the Miami area. In fact, he has many celebrity clientele and other everyday people fly across the country and even the world in order to receive a breast lift from Dr. Roudner. For those clients who will have to travel to his Miami office, Dr. Roudner provides flight information courtesy of Expedia on his website.
Dr. Roudner truly believes in the power of beautiful scenery in the recovery process, and encourages clients to enjoy the serene views of Miami from their hotel rooms as they recover from they breast lift procedures. However, if patients wish to recover at home or at another location, Dr. Roudner‘s office is located just a three-minute drive to the Miami International Airport.