Advantages of “Gummy Bear” Implants in breast augmentation surgery

Advantages of “Gummy Bear” Implants

The Gummy Bear Implants, also known as a cohesive gel implant has many advantages to it. Following are some of the advantages that make it desirable to many women across the world.

“Gummy Bear” Implants Shapes

One of the most noticeable advantages of the Gummy Bear cohesive gel implants are the shape that they maintain over an extended period of time. When compared to other silicone or saline implants, it is possible that the cohesive gel implants will hold their original shape for much longer. This is because these other types of implants are subject to the laws of gravity and the individual woman’s shape of the breast. Therefore, over time the breast implant will change shape as gravity and the breast see fit. The difference with cohesive gel “Gummy Bear” implants are that they have a distinct shape, and this is the shape that the breast will conform to, not the other way around. Therefore over time the breast will still have the original shape that it did when the cohesive gel implant was originally implanted.

“Gummy Bear” Implants Rippling and Folds

Another great advantage of having a cohesive gel “Gummy Bear” implant is that folds and rippling is not likely to occur. This is because the implant has a distinct shape and the filling does not shift around on the inside. The tighter molecular bonds of this implant make it unlikely that the shell will collapse or that any folds and ripples will occur.

No Leakage

Women who have cohesive gel implants generally do not have to worry about the implant leaking inside their body. Typically when breast implants leak, it is because the shell broke which allowed the liquid to leak out. This is not usually a concern with cohesive gel implants for two reasons, the first one is that normal shells generally break along fold lines and cohesive gel implants most likely will not develop fold lines. The second reason is that if the situation arises that the cohesive gel implant shell does break, it would not leak because the filling is mostly solid instead of liquid, meaning that the filling most likely wouldn’t go anywhere.

Less Scar Tissue

It is possible that cohesive gel implants will leave the woman with less firm scar tissue than other implants would. This has been the case in many European procedures, however the reason is still unknown. Some people speculate that the reason is because there is less diffusion of silicone, and other people think it is because the firmness of the implant does not allow the body to contract around the implant. Whatever the reason, less firm scar tissue is definitely a plus and hopefully over time we will know the true reason for this advantage.

Additional “Gummy Bear” Implant Info

Saline or standard silicone gel implants are subject to the forces of gravity and shape of the breast, so that they assume the shape that the forces of the breast and the forces of gravity dictate. Cohesive gel “Gummy Bear” implants otherwise known as gummy-bear implants often maintain their shape better than other silicone implants and subsequently impart their shape upon the breast. Cohesive gel “Gummy Bear” implants have a distinct shape, and they will impart it upon the visible shape of the breast.

“Gummy Bear” breast implants do not fold or ripple and they do not leak. Since the fill does not shift from one area of the shell to the other, shell collapse and folds do not seem to occur, even in long term follow up. Shell failures will occur less frequently because ripples occur so infrequently which will prevent leaks. If a leak happens to occur, since the filling is more solid then liquid, the leak will not move. Studies have shown that since there is less diffusion of silicone compared to other fillers, they have a low capsular contracture rate. Another speculation is that this occurs less frequently due to the increased firmness of the implant.

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