Choosing the Right Breast Implant Placement

The following information is to give a brief summary as to the pros and cons of the varied breast augmentation techniques. We make every attempt to keep this information current; be sure to check back from time to time to see the latest developments.

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Popular procedures:

* Breast Augmentation

* Mommy Makeover

* Gummy Bear Breast Implants


Capsular Contracture

Based on clinical trials, it is thought that placing the implant either partially or completely below the chest muscle can significantly decrease the rate of capsular contracture or shrinking and tightening of the scar tissue. This is thought to be an improvement placement of the implant on top of the muscle. However, given current findings, it is not certain which placement will definitively avoid capsular contracture. Another suggestion has been the use of textured implants. While these implants may reduce contracture, they have been found to lead to rippling on skin of the breast. Some doctors would argue that the only cause of skin rippling is due to failure to properly fill the implant with saline. To read more on implants, both textured and smooth, please see All About Breast Implants.

Ripple Effect

To avoid the unnatural ripple effect, your doctor may recommend the breast implants to be placed either just inside the chest muscle or completely behind the muscle. This is especially true if you have minimal breast tissue going into surgery. Using the chest muscle gives some padding to use with the existing breast tissue to cover the actual implant and give all more natural appearance and reduce the chance of a ripple effect on the skin’s surface.

Mammograms and Implants

Even after having a breast augmentation, you will still need to have regular mammograms as part of your routine yearly examinations. However improved such technology progresses with time, many doctors still recommend that breast implants be placed either partially or fully below the chest muscle leaving the breast tissue clear to fully read mammography results.

Sagging After Implants

Many doctors agree that implants inserted on top of the chest muscle will be more likely to sag as you age. By placing the implant partially into or fully behind the chest muscle, the breast implant may have more support which would result in less sagging of the breast and implant as time goes by.


The following should not be taken for medical advice, rather a guideline of sorts to help you in having an informative discussion with your doctor.

    *Placement above the chest muscle is possible if you currently have enough tissue to completely cover the implant. A natural look is still possible. For more information, be sure to visit Choosing Breast Implant Size.

    *If you lack adequate breast tissue or desire to be larger than your natural breast size, it is best to have the implants placed either partially in or fully behind the chest muscle to have a more natural look.

    *Women that continue to body build may experience distortion especially with implants that have been placed behind the chest muscle.

    * If you are currently experiencing sagging or drooping of your natural breasts, it would be most beneficial to have a breast lift or mastopexy at the same time as your breast augmentation surgery. This is especially true if you choose to have the implants placed partially in or completely behind the chest muscle. If you forgo the breast lift, the implant will align with the chest wall rather than the breast tissue.

    * If you are currently experiencing sag, and you do not desire to have the mastopexy, it is recommended that you place your implants on top of the chest muscle.

To Sum Up

As you can see, it is usually recommended for most patients that placement of the breast implants be partially in or completely behind the chest muscle. Nevertheless, your physical being, desire and current lifestyle will ultimately dictate the best augmentation for you. Having a conversation with your surgeon armed with the above knowledge of techniques available should yield you the most natural and pleasing end result.