Breast Implant Placements – Which is the Best for You?

Breast Implant Placements

The most common question that has created some confusion about breast implants is the placement of these in patients, whether they should be placing the breast implant above the muscle or below the muscle. The problem is that there is no one answer for each person that is out there, there is not clear cut yes or no that surgeons can give. The reason for this is that each person has a different physical body and with each person the answer to this is going to be above or below the muscle according to their body type. There are many terms that are used when discussing this issue between patients and surgeons, which leads to even more confusion on behalf of the patient. Dr. Roudner will be sure to go over all details with you during your personalized consultation.

The following is a general overview of what you can expect to hear when Dr. Roudner is consulting with you about the options available with regards to where your breast implant should be placed. Knowing this information will assist you in better understanding your options and help you make an educated decision when considering breast implants or breast augmentation surgery.

* Breast implants that are placed above the muscle is known as ‘overs’, or by the medical terminology of sub-glandular breast implants.

* The idea of having the breast implant placed partially below the muscle, it is referred to as a dual plan placement or partial sub-muscular placement or even partial sub pectoral. Many people may call these type of implants ‘unders’ however, that is not the real term that should be used since there are other implants that are referred to as ‘unders’.

* ‘Unders’ are the breast implants that are completely under the muscle in the chest. They are sometimes referred to as complete sub-muscular breast implant placement or simply sub muscular.

* the use of sub-facial breast implant placement refers to placing the breast implant into the area between the muscle and the fascia (the thick layer of tissue covering the muscles). This is a process that is offered by very few surgeons since it is a bit more complicated than the other techniques that are used.

* See the advantages and disadvantages section to learn about which type of breast implant you should go for. However, be sure that you read each and every link about the different types so that you know what all your options truly are.



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