Areola Reduction Surgery at our Miami surgical center

Areola Reduction Surgery

The areola may stretch as the breasts begin to sag due to gravity. Areola reduction surgery is done in combination with other breast surgeries such as breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation surgery with implants. This surgery takes two hours to complete and is performed in an operating room. Areola reduction surgery is usually performed under light sedation, general anesthesia or even local anesthetic.

In areola size reduction surgery, incisions are made in two concentric circles around the edges of the areola. Next, Dr. Roudner removes a donut of tissue and skin, taking care to leave the area around the nipple intact. Dr. Roudner closes the incision with sutures around the areola that are pulled in to tighten the skin around the areola. The scar is hidden around the edge of the areola and will likely fade with time. Dr. Roudner will go over postoperative instructions.




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