A breast lift is a surgery that helps reshape the breasts by removing extra skin and reshaping the tissues to give the breast a new form. Many women in Miami will notice that their breasts will change due to breastfeeding, aging, gravity, or pregnancy.

A breast lift, known as a mastopexy, is a procedure that involves relocating the nipple higher on the chest while reshaping the breast. There are different type of breast lifts that can be done by Dr. Roudner and include the Benelli lift, the Lollipop lift, and a full-pattern mastopexy.

The Benelli lift does not require as many incisions and is not as invasive as the other surgeries. This surgery is well suited for women that have smaller breasts and will not leave as much scar tissue. Tissue is removed from around the areola to provide for a well-constructed breast lift.

The Lollipop lift is often used for women who have larger breasts that have moderate to severe drooping. The procedure is similar to the Benelli lift but also uses an additional vertical incision between the breast and the areola. This additional incision is used to remove tissue that is causing the breast to droop. When the areola and nipple are sutured, the sides of the vertical incision are also attached to lift heavier breasts.

In Miami, the full-pattern mastopexy is the most common procedure done by Dr. Roudner and will require the most amount of incisions but also allows for the breasts to be lifted in the cases of extreme sagging. An anchor-shaped incision is made. Tissues are removed from the bottom and sutured to the crease below the areola. The nipple is also positioned higher on the breast which will allow for heavier breasts to reshaped to a firmer appearance.

Dr. Roudner, a plastic surgeon in Miami, specializes in a variety of plastic surgeries that include breast lifts and breast augmentations. Prior to the breast lift, it will be necessary to conduct an in-office consultation to discuss your options. Once you have consulted with Dr. Roudner in Miami, you can consider the final appearance that you want to achieve. If you are considering a breast lift in Miami, the procedure can be done by Dr. Roudner in a safe environment.