Silicone Implants in breast augmentation at our Miami surgical center

Silicone Implants

Dr. Leonard Roudner of Miami is a board certified plastic surgeon who is skilled in performing breast augmentation using the popular silicone breast implants. The women of Miami can proudly show off their figures after getting silicone implants from Dr. Roudner.

Silicone implants are durable and completely safe. When silicone implants are used for breast augmentation, there is little wrinkling involved. This means that the silicone implants from will result in having smooth, natural looking breasts.Any woman who has concerns about the safety of silicone implants should ask questions during her consultation with Dr. Roudner. He will provide valuable information that will ease any concerns about getting implants. With the expert advice and information provided by Dr. Roudner, women in Miami will be able to make informed decisions as to whether silicone implants are right for them.

Some women may want to get silicone implants to increase their breast size. Other women might have Dr. Roudner provide silicone implants if their natural breasts are not symmetrical. If a female has her breasts removed due to cancer, Dr. Roudner can use silicone implants to replace them. Also, women’s breasts will sometimes sag as a result of weight loss or pregnancy which can be fixed by having a breast augmentation surgery using silicone implants by Dr. Roudner.

Regardless of the reason for the surgery, women in Miami who get silicone implants from Dr. Rounder will have a whole new confidence in their appearance. The skilled surgeries Dr. Roudner performs allow women to wear swimsuits and their sexiest outfits with pride.

While getting silicone implants from Dr. Roudner can do wonders for women’s appearance and confidence, it is important that they have realistic expectations regarding their surgery results. Patients in Miami should pay close attention during their consultations to make sure that they know what to expect when Dr. Roudner performs silicone implants surgery. Having realistic expectations will likely increase the women’s satisfaction with their implants.

Dr. Roudner of Miami schedules consultations with women who are considering getting silicone implants. During the consultations, Dr. Roudner explains that women should be in good health in order to get the surgery. He lets the women in Miami know that they need to be at least eighteen years old before he will perform silicone implants surgery on them.



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