Give Your Mom the Gift of a Mommy Makeover This Mother’s Day

April 4, 2019
gift of a mommy makeover

Last updated on April 23rd, 2019 at 05:04 pm

While being a mother is a gift in itself, what motherhood does to your body might feel like quite the opposite. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, those of us at Dr. Lenny’s office feel that women who are unhappy with the effects motherhood had on their body should opt for a mommy makeover. Whether you want to treat yourself or treat a mother you know, a mommy makeover is the best Mother’s Day gift you could give to someone or yourself.

Motherhood’s Changes to the Breasts

One of the first changes that take place in the body due to motherhood is changes to the breasts. During pregnancy, breastfeeding and after weaning, you may notice a change in the shape and size of your breasts. These changes may be only slight changes or they can even be dramatic. It really depends on genetics, hormones, and weight gain and weight loss. Once your child is born, your breasts will increase in size due to the increase in milk supply. As long as you are producing milk, your breasts will be larger than usual.

Once you stop breastfeeding and begin the weaning process, your breasts will start to change again. Your milk supply will decrease which will cause your breasts to look and feel less full. It may take anywhere to 6 months for your breasts to decrease to their pre-pregnancy appearance. However, it’s possible that they don’t go back to how they were at all. Your breasts may seem smaller, softer, larger, saggy or even covered in stretch marks.  While these changes are normal, you may feel sad and miss the breasts you used to have.

Motherhood’s Changes to the Tummy, Thighs & Hips

Other changes that occur in your body due to pregnancy changes to the abdomen. Since you carry your child in your abdomen, your abdomen will expand quite a bit during pregnancy. This can result in your abdominal muscles feeling less tight than they were before pregnancy. This is because your muscles had to stretch so much to accommodate your growing child. The muscles may never return to their original position. In addition, you may also find that your stomach skin is looser because of pregnancy. Not to mention, your stomach may possibly develop stubborn fat deposits in your stomach that you find difficult to lose through diet and exercise alone.

In addition to stubborn fat deposits in your abdomen, these can also develop in your hips, thighs or the sides of your torso, resulting in a “muffin top” or “love handles.” These areas may also have new stretch marks from the pregnancy. These stubborn fat deposits are difficult to lose with diet and exercise alone and may never go away in your entire life. Fortunately, all of these different changes that happen to your body from pregnancy can actually be resolved with a mommy makeover from your Miami plastic surgeon. This Mother’s Day, treat yourself or a mom in your life to a mommy makeover to help her regain back her pre-pregnancy body! Not only will she look great, but it will also help her feel more confident in herself.

How Can a Mommy Makeover Help Breasts?

Say goodbye to your post-pregnancy breasts with help from a mommy makeover in Miami. Our plastic surgeon will meet with you for a consultation to determine how we will help your breasts retain their pre-pregnancy shape. There are a few different procedures we can offer to help your breasts look younger. To start, we can offer you a breast augmentation to restore the fullness back to your breasts. If you have always wanted a larger breast size, breast augmentation is a perfect place to start.

While not all women just need a fuller chest, oftentimes, pregnancy will result in the need for a breast lift. Breastfeeding can cause your breasts to sag quite a bit once you finish weaning. Your breasts may look like they point downwards or fall far below your natural breast crease. If this is the case, our plastic surgeon can actually lift your breasts and reposition your nipples so that they look perkier and are positioned in a youthful state. We can also combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation for an overall breast makeover.

How Can a Mommy Makeover Help My Abdomen & Stubborn Fat?

You can actually regain a flat stomach once again after your pregnancy if you choose to opt for an abdominoplasty as well as liposuction. With pregnancy, your abdominal muscles tear and the skin can become loose. We can fix this by removing the excess skin and sewing up your abdominal muscles. This will help your stomach feel tight once more.

To top everything off, we can also give you liposuction throughout your body to help you remove the stubborn fat deposits you can’t seem to get rid of. We can remove the fat from your stomach, back, thighs, hips and on your torso. Get ready to get your pre-pregnancy body back in no time!

Schedule a Consultation for a Mommy Makeover in Miami Today

Now that you know what a mommy makeover can do, it’s time to schedule your Mother’s Day present. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, our Miami plastic surgeon is excited to help dreams come true. Give us a call or schedule a consultation online via our contact form. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might have.