Breast Augmentation: Choosing a Silhouette

The first and foremost, perhaps the most important decision that comes in deciding breast augmentation is choice of the breast implant type that will be used. With an array of selections each coming with their own list of pros and cons, the best way to make such a decision is with a consultation with an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon. One such breast implant, the round, comes in three silhouette or profile shapes. For each shape, the high, moderate, or low, there are specific reasons and uses for each.

Three factors help to determine the best silhouette to use:

  1. Preferred size
  2. Anatomy of the patient
  3. Anticipated look and shape



Popular procedures:

* Breast Augmentation

* Mommy Makeover

* Gummy Bear Breast Implants


Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos

Many patients declare that she wants to look natural. While that would be the end goal of most anyone desiring a breast augmentation, a natural look is subjective. What looks good on one woman will not on another. Usually a woman has an idea of the size she would like to have based on cup size. The use of cup size is a good way to communicate and visualize varying breast sizes between the doctor and patient. However, it needs to be noted that there are no hard and fast rules on what defines each cup size and is typically unreliable. Underlying tissues determine actual breast size and can vary widely from woman and woman that seemingly the same size.

We utilize a different approach when it comes to choosing a size of the new breast. I like you to bring in a picture from a magazine, catalogue, Internet or my web site. This is only a baseline for determination.

The anatomy of the patient is perhaps one of the most important factors that make the final determination of the specific implant. A patient with a wide chest cavity will require large enough implants to prevent an unnatural looking cleavage. For a smaller chest cavity will obviously require smaller implants.

The shape of a breast is determined by a culmination of a few factors. Those factors are not always taken to consideration when choosing the right breast implant. Most doctors have the patient choose an implant size from only an upright position. However, the breasts naturally move with the movements of the body. Walking, lying down, and bending over: these all play a factor on the natural look of the breast. Round implants are the best choice to give an overall and complete look and profile of a natural breast.

The final and most important factor in the ideal silhouette is the base measurement of the breast. Making the exact measurement at the base of the breast is simple; the only tool that is needed is a measuring tape. The importance of this measurement will insure that the when inserted, the implant has room and fits properly and does not cause unnatural rippling or scalloping of the skin.