Miami Breast Augmentation Specialist: Dr. Leonard A. Roudner

Summary of Dr. Leonard Roudner

Recognized as one of the world’s finest plastic surgeon’s, Dr. Leonard A. Roudner, is proud to call Miami, Florida home. Dr. Roudner was born and lived in Australia before moving to the United States to specialize in breast augmentation. Currently Dr. Roudner works as a reconstructive and plastic surgeon at both Baptist Hospital and South Miami Hospital. His gentle and caring approach has made him highly sought after by patients in Florida as well as other parts of the world. His more than 20 years of experience make him a trusted and valued member of the plastic surgery world.

Services provided by Dr. Leonard A. Roudner

Women of Miami have come to trust Dr. Leonard Roudner for his extensive work as it relates to breast augmentation especially. Beyond standard breast implants, Dr. Roudner has defined himself as a plastic surgeon with great skill in other areas of breast concern. He also specializes in breast lifts and breast reductions. Despite being known as a leader in the breast augmentation world, Dr. Roudner also excels in many other areas of plastic surgery. These include tummy tucks, Botox cosmetic injections, liposuction, liposculture and other esthetician services.

Solid Experience and Professional Certifications

Dr. Roudner established the Aesthetic Surgery Center in 1989. The Miami center was intended to be a place where women can openly discuss how they’d like to improve their bodies in a caring and comfortable environment. After consultation patients can return to the same comfortable center to receive their life changing surgeries.

Dr. Roudner is well known outside of the South Florida arena as well. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Additionally, Roudner counts himself among the select group of board certificated plastic surgeons specializing in breast augmentation procedures. Other notable affiliations include membership in the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and the American Medical Association. He is also a member of the Greater Miami Plastic Surgery Association and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Leonard Roudner’s extensive involvement in the plastic surgery world makes him well respected and up to date on the latest trends and procedures available.

Dr. Leonard A. Roudner’s Outstanding Reputation

Miami women know Dr. Roudner as an accomplished plastic surgeon who they can trust to work with them to create the body of their dreams. This reputation is the result of more than 20 years of experience teamed with excellent achievements in breast augmentation surgeries. With more than 13,000 breast augmentation procedures to his credit in Miami alone, Dr. Roudner still maintains a reputation as being friendly and approachable to each client.

Professionally Praised and Acclaimed

Dr. Roudner’s work has been featured in a variety of well reputed publications. His voice and opinions on issues relating to other plastic surgeons and issues within the plastic surgery world are well respected. Both the press and colleagues in cosmetic surgery note and applaud the work of Dr. Roudner, especially as it relates to breast augmentation surgeries. His opinions are often sought out by other plastic surgeons who have also come to respect his work.