Am I a Candidate for a Breast Lift in Miami?

February 19, 2019
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Last updated on March 9th, 2019 at 05:32 am

If you look down and you find that your breasts are resting a bit lower than you would like them to, don’t worry, this is a common problem that a lot of women around the world face. What you do need to know is that there is a solution for your sagging breasts: a breast lift. Whether your breasts began to sag after significant weight loss, or they have always sagged, our plastic surgeon in Miami can help you regain youthful breasts. Find out if you are a good candidate for a breast lift in Miami from Dr. Lenny Roudner.

You Have Downward Pointing Nipples

One of the first signs that you would make a good candidate for a breast lift in Miami is if you have downward pointing nipples. If you are not sure, go take a look in the mirror. Are your nipples pointing out away from you or are they pointing down at your feet? If they are pointing towards your feet, you are already a good candidate for a breast lift. Your nipples point down because the breast tissue weighs so much that it’s pulling your nipples downward. During a breast lift, we will lift your breasts and reposition your nipples to point outward.

You Have Non-Symmetrical Breasts

Another common sign that you would be a good candidate for a breast lift in Miami is if your breasts are non-symmetrical. This usually means that one of your breasts sag more than the other. During a breast lift, our plastic surgeon will lift your breasts to be at an even height. This will make shopping for bras and swimsuit tops much easier and helps you feel more confident in your body. The breast lift will help your breasts look more symmetrical, fuller and larger.

You Have Stretched Skin

It’s pretty easy to know if you have stretched skin or not on your breasts. A big indicator will be the stretch marks on your breasts and the feeling of just skin with little to no volume inside. If your skin has become stretched due to sagging breasts, you could benefit from a breast lift. We will remove the extra skin and help your breasts rest at their ideal height.

You Have Enlarged Areolas

Another common side effect of sagging breasts is enlarged areolas. This is because when your breasts sag, this causes the skin to stretch. As a result, this will stretch the skin that is your areolas. With a breast lift, our plastic surgeon will not only reposition your breasts at their ideal height, but we will also reshape and reposition your areolas so they complement your breast’s shape and size.

You are in Good Health

In order to receive a breast lift, we have a few requirements as far as your health goes. To start, a good candidate for a breast lift in Miami will be in good health. This means that you are generally healthy without any serious health problems. This is important because surgery is always an extra risk if you are not as healthy as you can be. We also prefer if our patients are not smokers as this can affect the healing process. If you do happen to smoke, we require that you quit 6 weeks before your surgery for best results. If you are in good health and do not smoke, you are most likely a good candidate for a breast lift.

You Do Not Plan on Becoming Pregnant in the Future

Another factor to consider if you are a good candidate for a breast lift is if you plan on becoming pregnant in the future. We ask that if you do want to become pregnant in the future, that you wait until after you are done giving birth to receive a breast lift. This is because during pregnancy your breasts will fill with milk and this may cause your breasts to sag even more afterward. If you wait until after you are done giving birth, we can ensure that the breast lift results we give you will stick with you for the rest of your life. If you happen to get pregnant after your breast lift surgery, your breasts may look different afterward.

You are Unhappy with the Appearance of Your Breasts

One of the biggest cues that you are a good candidate for a breast lift is that you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts. If you don’t like the way your breasts look, then that should be your cue to visit our plastic surgeon for a consultation. You should also have realistic expectations as every patient doesn’t receive the same results.

You Are At a Stable Weight

If you would like a breast lift, we ask that our patients are at a stable weight. This means that you do not plan on gaining or losing a significant amount of weight in the future. This is important because gaining or losing a lot of weight can affect the results of your breast lift. If you want to keep the results you receive, you must maintain a stable weight.

You are Satisfied with the Size of Your Breasts

The last factor to consider if you want to be a good candidate for a breast lift is that you are happy with your current breast size. We want you to know that a breast lift is simply that, a lift. If you want bigger breasts, you will need to discuss a breast augmentation with a breast lift with our plastic surgeon.

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