15 Reasons It’s Time For A Breast Reduction

November 20, 2018
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There are a number of reasons out there that a breast reduction could be a good choice for you. At our plastic surgery office in Miami, we want to help women feel confident in their bodies as well as improve their quality of life. Dr. Lenny has performed a number of breast reduction surgeries with successful and happy results. If you feel that your breasts are abnormally large or you have been considering a breast reduction, here are some of the top signs you should consider one.

1. Your Breasts Are Too Large

One of the top reasons a woman might consider a breast reduction surgery is because she feels her breasts are too large. If you feel that your body is disproportionate to your breasts, odds are, they are abnormally large. If they feel like they weigh you down, this can be the first indication that it’s time for a breast reduction. Having abnormally large breasts can take a toll on your self-confidence and give you negative long-term effects on other areas of your body from the strain.

2. Your Bra Straps Cause Pain

When you have abnormally large breasts, it’s common for your bra straps to dig into your shoulders and even cause grooves. If you notice that your bra straps leave marks on your shoulders and back and there is a pain in those areas, this can be a big indication that your breasts are pulling on your shoulders too much. This can make wearing a bra even more uncomfortable than not wearing a bra. If you notice these symptoms, a breast reduction in Miami might be worth considering.

3. Tingling and Numbness in Fingers and Hands

This is a symptom most patients don’t even think to blame on their large breasts. It’s actually common for those with overly large breasts to experience tingling and numbness in their fingers and hands. This is because the breasts pull on the torso and then change the neck position and as a result, nerve pain radiates down the body. Don’t let symptoms like these go unnoticed.

4. Nipple Sensitivity Has Decreased

Overly large breasts can actually affect your nipples. This is caused by the excess strain on the breasts being pulled down. This puts the nerve under tension and as a result, reduces nipple sensitivity. If you happen to notice that your nipples are less sensitive than others, this can be a raise for concern.

5. Posture Changes and Shoulder Pain

Another major indicator that a breast reduction is needed is when the posture is affected. With overly large breasts, you might notice that you hunch over more. In addition, you will notice back pain from the extra weight on your chest. If you have both shoulder and back pain as well as changes in your posture, this should steer you in the direction of a Miami plastic surgeon.

6. Breast Crease Yeast Infections

You might not know this, but it is possible to develop a yeast infection in the crease of your breasts. This is caused by the skin rubbing together. Talk to your doctor about solutions for this uncomfortable problem.

7. Neck Pain

One of the biggest complaints from women seeking a breast reduction is that they experience significant neck pain in their life. This is the result of carrying around a huge weight around their necks all day. Once your breasts are reduced, this pain will go away.

8. Rashes, Sweating and Chafing Under Breasts

Another major problem with patients who need a breast reduction in Miami is experiencing chafing, sweating, and rashes under their breasts. This is because the skin just rests on top of each other and rubs against each other endlessly without a break. This can be highly uncomfortable.

9. Your Breasts Making Shopping Difficult

If finding shirts, bras or any tops is a difficult experience for you because nothing seems to fit, having a breast reduction can make your shopping experience a lot better. Once your breasts are reduced, finding clothes that fit will be a breeze and you will no longer need to buy oversized tops or specially ordered bras.

10. Your Breasts Make it Difficult to Exercise

If your breasts make exercise painful or difficult, this is a huge indicator that a breast reduction will benefit your life. Overlarge breasts can get in the way by blocking movements, bounce too much and caused pain or even slow you down.

11. You’re Tired of Unwanted Attention

Unfortunately, women with large breasts get more unwanted attention than they would like. If you’re yelling at catcallers or people harassing you on the daily, having a breast reduction can remove this stress out of your life.

12. Sitting or Standing Up Straight for Long Periods is Difficult

Oversized breasts can make simple things like sitting up straight or even standing up straight for long periods of time a painful and uncomfortable task. Your back needs a rest from holding up your heavy breasts.

13. Your Body Looks Disproportionate

Another sign that a woman should consider a breast reduction is because she thinks her body looks disproportionate. This is because her body is much smaller than her breasts. Once you have a breast reduction, your breasts will match your body perfectly.

14. Your Breasts are Sagging Prematurely

Sagging breasts is a normal part of aging but shouldn’t start occurring until the later years of a woman’s life. If your overlarge breasts are so large that they are causing premature sagging, this is a big sign that your breasts could benefit from a reduction.

15. You’re Unhappy with Your Body

At the end of the day, if you’re unhappy with your body, do something to change it. If your breasts are weighing you down, causing pain, making shopping a struggle and are a constant stressor in your life, it’s time to consider opting for a breast reduction procedure from our Miami plastic surgeon.

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